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5 Tips for Hosting A Themed Party

5 Tips for Hosting A Themed Party

There is no better way of making your event stand out from the crowd than choosing to host a themed party. Whether you’re planning a corporate end-of-year event or celebrating a birthday, sticking to a theme is a great way to create a unique experience for all guests.

So we put together our top tips for hosting a themed event this party season :

1. Choose Your Party Theme

Choosing a theme for your party is the first step of making the occasion great! We usually choose themes based on seasonal festivities, friends and what we want to experience. If you are choosing a theme for a private event such as a birthday party, then it’s best to choose something personal like your favourite film or book so your guests know a little bit more about you. if you get stuck on an idea then it’s best to source current trends while planning your event, choosing an on-trend theme will make the event seem up-to-date and modern.

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2. Encourage Your Guests to Dress the Part

Encouraging guests to come dressed up is a sure way to build excitement before and at the event. Getting your guests involved will heighten the anticipation of the event and the overall atmosphere on the day. Share ideas on fancy-dress before the event, giving inspiration to your guests enhances the chances of them embodying your theme with their costumes. Make them feel like participators, rather than attendees, you can do this by running competitions such as ‘best dressed’ to encourage people to dress up and reward those who really went all out.

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3. Choose A Venue That Enhances Your Theme

Dressing up your venue is just as important as dressing yourself. That’s why before locking in a venue, ensure you can style the room to compliment your theme. Or better still, choose a venue that already has a style or theme included! Create an environment that aligns with your theme and allows your guests to move and mingle freely during the night. Consider the size and location of the venue and ensure you have access prior to the party; to give yourself time to set-up the area with all the decorations you require

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4. Complement Your Theme with Entertainment

It may sound cliché, but entertainers can make or break your event. Always think of your theme before choosing your entertainment, it should reinforce the theme you are working with and be appropriate for the age range of your guests. By selecting the right entertainment, you can create a great atmosphere as you are appealing to your guests taste while staying on-trend with your theme.

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5. Theme Your Food and Beverages

Having the right entertainment and venue is just as important as having the right food for your party. Unique food and drink options can really add that ‘wow’ factor and show your guests you’ve gone the extra mile. An easy way to theme your food and drink options include having signature cocktails and themed food stations. Your food can then act as decorations while still being a delicious meal for everyone to enjoy.

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So now you have all the tips on how to create the ultimate themed party, but have you found a Function Venue in Melbourne that will showcase your big event? Sandy By The Bay has a beautiful layout design with unique surroundings that are perfect for any event. Our exceptional venue is conveniently located with breakout areas that will create the perfect set up for your themed party. Give our welcoming team a call on (03) 9598 8629 and let’s create a unique unforgettable event!

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