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6 Hot Event Styling Trends You Can’t Miss this Festive Season!

6 Hot Event Styling Trends You Can’t Miss this Festive Season!

Happy almost holidays! It may only be August, but the festive season is fast approaching and people are finalising their festive social calendars. Whether you have already booked a venue or you are just starting to think about it, here are the hottest event styling trends for those touches that will make your party stand out.

1. Sparkle it Up with Lights

– Lighting can have an extremely powerful effect on both the event space and the guests. It not only enhances the mood but also allows the photographer to capture beautiful pictures while you dance the night away. Whether it’s a gala night or a corporate event, illuminating your space with lights will add extra drama and change the colour of your event.

Up-lighting can brighten up the ceiling and reflect off walls and other decor to act as a source of both light and colours. You can also use accent lighting to highlight a particular object or display. To spice up the dance floor, you can also add special lighting to this area.

Function Venue

2. Bring in the Entertainment

– It may sound traditional, but outsourced entertainment is a sure-shot way to keep your audience engaged mentally and conversationally. From magicians to musicians and game show hosts, having an alluring entertainer at your holiday soiree is the hottest party trend that has lasted the test of time and will continue to score your points with invitees.

3. Do it for the ‘Gram

– This is a no-brainer. Guests want to show off every little detail on Instagram, so, we have noticed increased popularity of attractive and interactive visual elements, like bespoke cocktail stations, event walls or neon signage signs – everything for that one “instagrammable” moment! So, photo booth, graffiti walls or any interactive display that gives your guests the Instagram-worthy appeal is the new way to elevate guest management.

Function Venue
Function Venue

4. Go for a Fantasy Theme

– In the age where franchises such as Game of Thrones are the burning topics in almost every office, organising an awesome fantasy-themed work party inspired by such is sure to get everyone’s attention. Fuel the passion of fans by splitting them up into major houses to compete for the pop-culture trivia and by organising other small games inspired by the series.


5. Go All Out with the Décor

– Bright colours are making a comeback after a period of neutral undertones. Allow your creativity to run wild with bright, quirky and interesting décor. Fairy and festoon lighting, bunting, heaps of florals, rainbow cutlery and rustic details will look great and add up that extra festive zing to your event. You can also add innovative and fun signage to let your guests know where all the fun and celebrations are taking place and give your party the festival feel.

Function Venue
Function Venue

6. Create a Chill Out Area

– Creating a festival style seating is a must so that your guests can chill out and relax in between all the festivities. Using cushions scattered freely, deckchairs or couches are fresh décor ideas that are super practical too! Smarten them with some fabric or blankets to make it warm and cosy.


Eat, Drink and Be Merry this Festive Season!


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