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5 Tips for Booking a Function Venue for Your Corporate Event

5 Tips for Booking a Function Venue for Your Corporate Event

When organising a corporate event, it is important to be systematic, logical and efficient regarding all the elements that go into building that event. Event planning can consume plenty of time and even more patience; however, if you know how to choose the perfect venue, it can instantly make the process hassle-free and exciting.

When you are planning for a corporate audience, your event should create chances for networking and collaboration, so that teams can create solid bonds, strengthen relationships and foster new ideas. Corporate parties or team building events will rejuvenate the team spirit of your employees and leave them feeling extremely motivated. An ideal event venue will take care of all the hard work for you – you just have to show up and enjoy!


Here are 5 elements you should consider before booking a function venue for your corporate event:


  • Opt for a Weekday In Melbourne, there are hundreds of corporate function venues that you can choose from. However, while planning your event, it is important to stay within your budget. One way to do so is by organising your event on a weekday. Many venues have higher prices on Friday and Saturday or are already booked, so if you have your eye on a particular venue, choosing a weekday might be the best option.  If you are hosting on a weekend, being open to venues that fit within your budget can still offer a great environment for your guests. 
  • Location, Location, Location! For a corporate event, it’s all about choosing the right location. Choosing a location that is convenient for your delegates is paramount. Think about how far the venue is from your office and how delegates might get there. Is there public transport close by?  Is there ample parking onsite? It is important to make it as accessible as possible. Ask whether the venue has any affiliations with local accommodation providers that you can recommend to your delegates. It’s these small details that can make all the difference to your delegate experience. 
  • Think Space Are you planning to organise team building or networking activities such as bowling or scavenger hunts? If yes, choose a venue that is airy and large enough for such activities. Team building activities at a corporate event can strengthen relationships and improve work performance of your team. A venue offering plenty of natural light, rather than a closed room, can help your delegates concentrate better and provides an ideal setting for idea generation and successful learning outcomes.  The availability of break out areas is something else you might need to consider. Break out areas can be indoor or outdoor but provide the opportunity for your delegates to brainstorm ideas in smaller groups or delve deeper into a specific learning topic. 
  • Know Your Numbers A fixed budget, a delegate list and information of the capacity of event spaces will help you with taking a responsible decision and avoid any last minute surprises due to the increase in budget and overfilling. Be careful when sending out invites and make sure that your event venue is flexible and capable of accommodating a few extra people (in case of last-minute attendees or +1’s). Look for venues that can tailor their packages to your requirements. If your corporate event needs equipment such as a PA system, speakers, projector screens, dancefloor or TV screens and you need to hire this equipment, this extra cost can quickly add up. Choose a venue that has this equipment included means one less thing you need to organise (and pay for!).  
  • Consider Entertainment  A corporate event can usually turn out to be dull if it does not provide enough entertainment value. So, if you want an interactive and collaborative experience, include karaoke, arcade games, cooking classes or other team building games for fun. Get in touch with the venue and ask them if they can recommend guests speakers, dance performers or comic performances to keep your guests entertained. 

Start Planning Your Event!

Whether you are hosting a seated conference, extravagant event, seminar workshop or a meeting, Sandy by the Bay’s convenient location, flexible layout and breakout areas create the perfect set-up for your big event. To know about our conference packages or to talk to one of our managers, dial 03 9598 8629 or complete our enquiry form today!

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